RES Equine Discount Buyers Club

Save 20% by Joining the 20 for 20 Club

our Mission

Through our partnership with Weaver, we have recognized a need for our next innovative idea: Equine Discount Buyers Club. This concept involves us passing a discount of  20% on almost all items to our customers. We are paying you the extra 20% that we would normally make selling products at retail in exchange for loyal membership to our website. You can become a member by paying a small annual fee of $20 to get your 20% discount every time you shop with us. Why would we give up such a large portion of our profit? We believe in selling products that are innovative, high quality, and affordable to help stimulate the equine industry. As we continue to grow, we will add more companies to our website and discount program so we can bring more products on and be a one-stop-shop for horse lovers everywhere.

Innovation at It's Finest!

The Xtended Life Product Line, aka Original RES Products, is by far the most popular and innovative products we offer! Our patented closure system allows you to replace the velcro on all of our products listed under Xtended Life. No more replacing your equipment just because the velcro quit sticking!

Prodigy Sport and Prodigy Guardian boots are another original RES  Product that sets the standard for protection, support, and breathability in a sport boot. The Prodigy Guardian Sport Boot Features a patented, flexible deflection plate that gives your horse the most impact protection of any boot on the market!

  Be sure to check them out as well as these other innovative products designed by horsemen for horsemen!