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About Us

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Where We Started

Founded in 2010 by Brett Mills of Redmond Oregon, RES Equine Products made a reputation for itself by providing innovative products at an affordable price. The concept began with the replaceable velcro closure system for protective articles for our equine partners. The first product was a set bell boots with a replaceable velcro closure. Being the problem solver and innovator that he is, Brett recognized a common problem that he, and many other equine enthusiasts, were frustrated with having to replace their bell boots long before the boots  were worn out due to the velcro failing.  He built the first prototype, searched out manufacturing, and scraped together enough money to order 500 pair to take to the National Finals Rodeo during Cowboy Christmas.  The bell boots and the concept were a huge success and before the show was over he sold every single one.  Since the invention of the first RES product, Brett has developed a number of innovative products featuring the replaceable velcro closure system. He now has four issued patents on his products that include leg protection, breakaway safety halters, horn wraps, and other equine protective articles.

Business Partnerships and New Beginnings

Once we built a name for ourselves and a demand for our products, we were approached by Weaver Leather to partner with them. The partnership included licensing our products to them as well as hiring Brett as a consultant and product developer for new, innovative Weaver Products. RES Products can now be found under the Xtended Life product line as well as Prodigy Sport Boots and Prodigy Guardian Boots. With Weaver’s enormous distribution and product availability, our dream of making our products readily available to the end user is coming true.

Continuing to be Innovative: Where We are Going

Through our partnership with Weaver, we have recognized a need for our next innovative idea: Equine Discount Buyers Club. This concept involves us passing a discount of  20% on almost all items to our customers. We are paying you the extra 20% that we would normally make selling products at retail in exchange for loyal membership to our website. You can become a member by paying a small annual fee of $20 to get your 20% discount every time you shop with us. Why would we give up such a large portion of our profit? We believe in selling products that are innovative, high quality, and affordable to help stimulate the equine industry. As we continue to grow, we will add more companies to our website and discount program so we can bring more products on and be a one-stop-shop for horse lovers everywhere.

If you would like to become a member, you can purchase your membership by clicking here VIP – 20 for 20

Once your membership is purchased you can log into your account and you will automatically receive your discount.


Thank you!

Brett and Jessie Mills

RES Equine Products